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The Fem Film List is a searchable, shareable database of women + kin working off-camera in the Toronto film industry.

From designers to technicians our goal is to connect your production to the perfect (non-cis male) person for the role you seek to fill. Search names you recognize, and those you don't -- the List provides links to social media, IMDB profiles, and online portfolios so you can get the best sense of whom you're hoping to hire and their contact info so you can make connections fast. 


The Fem Film List is a guide to those currently working in the Toronto area. We do not validate experience, and as such it is up to the user to determine if someone is suitable for your production. This includes, but is not limited to, matters such as potential fees, availability, experience, and union status.

We have included personal and professional links for your reference, and encourage all users to do their due diligence before hiring.

Please do not abuse the information provided on this list.